SPB DANCE STUDIO welcomes everyone to start dancing with us. Our dance Studio presents great opportunities for learning. We can offer 3 dance halls, friendly atmosphere, wonderful qualified teachers and a convenient timetable.

Training in our Studio will help develop your dance skills, gain choreographic plastics, and keep you in a great shape. Dance classes will highlight you typical routine daily life in Saint Petersburg with some bright and positive emotions, which you will receive during the learning process.

Also, we provide a platform for the development of the youngest dancers. SPB Dance Studio Kids will teach your children move to the music, as well as hear it. It is in our best interest to instill in your children a love to work and to help them in their personal growth and development. If you're ready, if you and your child want it, you have found someone who can help you.

Every year our studio hosts a summary concert featuring some of our best students and teachers who as a team work on production of the performance.

Moreover, every six months the Studio casts for the professional Swagger Dance Show team where our most diligent students dance.

Swagger Dance Show represents our studio on various festivals, competitions, contests and other projects dedicated to the contemporary choreography.

The German philosopher Nietzsche said, "Everyone has a built-in talent, but only a few have an in-build or imparted by education this measure of perseverance, grit, energy, which really makes him a talent." Our Studio is ready to give you an opportunity to reveal your talent and potential to the full.

Be with us, be the first, be SPB Dance Studio style!