Rules of attending «SPB DANCE STUDIO»

  1. We will be happy to see you every day, 12:00 - 23:00.
  2. You can attend classes without making an appointment.
  3. Classes can be attended only with change footwear.
  4. Visitors of the School are required to observe and maintain public order and accepted norms of behavior, act respectfully towards the other visitors and personnel.
  5. Schedule of the Group classes may change throughout the year. Please watch the schedule on the school website SPB DANCE STUDIO or in our group in Vkontakte For more information on schedule please call 925-51-33.
  6. The teachers of some dance styles may vary during the year.
  7. If you have any medical contraindications to the active training, please inform the teacher.
  8. The school is not responsible for the safety of your belongings and valuables left on the School grounds, including the locker room.
  9. Unauthorized use of musical facilities of the School is not allowed.
  10. As a pass to a class you may use a paid membership or a single training.
  11. Unauthorized persons are not permitted in areas of training.
  12. Your membership is a pass to the School and must be presented to administrator. If your membership is lost, you must report to the administration.
  13. At the end of your visit of the Studio, you are required to receive your membership card from the administrator, with a note of a visit.
  14. Membership is valid for 1 month.
  15. If a current month fits more than 8 classes, the Studio has the right to cancel one class without making a refund.
  16. If at the time of purchase of the membership there is less than 8 classes left in the current month, you get a membership for 6 or 4 classes, and the remaining classes are charged separately.
  17. Recalculation of the missed classes because of illness or going away is only possible when buying a membership for the next month and if you have the appropriate documents.
  18. Studio shall not be liable for canceled classes and no compensation is offered in the case of emergency.
  19. Visitors of the Studio are offered a personal training in various dance styles for a special fee. Please register with the administrator, after agreeing with the trainer and reserving the convenient time. A booked appointment may be cancelled or postponed no later than 12 hours before the time of the appointment. Otherwise, the class will be considered attended.
  20. While in the hall, you must observe the safety rules. Exercises should be taken according to the recommendation of the trainer.
  21. If a Visitor violates the Rules, the Studio is not responsible for his health and possible consequent injury.
  22. It is forbidden to be in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication in the Studio.
  23. It is forbidden to disturb the classes, to look into the room during a training session.
  24. Administration is not responsible for the forgotten, lost or unattended items, as well as for items left in the locker room.
  25. Missed classes can be replaced by the classes with another group only in case of places availability and on the consent of the administrator.
  26. It is forbidden to promote a different dance school or Studio in the classroom or to agitate to move to another Studio.
  27. Please contact the administrator for more information or should you have any questions.