Ability to dance and appreciate a dance is absolutely natural for virtually every child. The main thing for the parents is not to miss the moment when beginning to dance would be the most interesting and easy for a child.

SPB Dance Studio Kids – is a department of the Studio, which is responsible for the kids’ education. We accept children from the age of 3 years. The task of our teachers is not to achieve some result in the shortest possible period time. Not at all. Our task is to discover the creative abilities of a child, their gradual exploration and development. In our classes children will learn the basics of choreography as well as acquire communication and team working skills and learn to be confident.

Regardless of the mood of the child, the classes are built not only to entertain, but also so that your child could study the best of contemporary choreography and dance culture of the XXI century step by step, starting with the very basics.

We pay special attention to our students who dance in the main younger team of the SPB Dance Studio show-group.

These groups of students will have an individual learning program in our Studio that includes additional hours of training and studying of a large number of dance styles.

SPB Dance Studio show-group represents our Studio at various contests, festivals, and other dance events.

If your child already has some dance skills, make an appointment for the audition with our Manager, and perhaps very soon your child will become a part of our show!

Dance classes for a child is not only the balanced development and a useful hobby, but also the best way to make new friends and chat with peers.