Jazz-Funk is one of the youngest and most commercially successful studio dance styles on the planet. It emerged spontaneously about 20 years ago in the USA, borrowing individual elements of jazz dance, hip-hop, strip plastic, pop choreography and wacking. This style is a fantastic mix of clean lines, twists and ability to dance to any music. This is a dance of contrasts, where the jerky, abrupt movements suddenly get replaced by the soft and smooth ones, absorbing the attention of the audience

Learning to dance Jazz-funk is a great opportunity to always be in a great shape and keep your spirits up. This dance is able to give you self-confidence, belief in your own uniqueness and it is fun. You break from reality and return to it with great energy and desire to get better.

But, despite the fact that the jazz-funk incorporates the techniques of various modern dance styles, the main feature of this style is open statement of the body. It highlights the jazz-funk comparing to the other styles and makes its execution more difficult.