Hip-Hop is one of the leading trends of modern dance, generated by the culture of the big city. It’s a part of the modern global youth culture that emerged in the 70-ies of the 20-century and by the third Millennium have become popular around the World.

Basic elements of the technique of this style are the “groove" of the body, jumping, falling, rotation and light acrobatic movements. Highly dynamic dance style that combines the emphasis on individual body parts (head, arms and legs) and movement elements of everyday life. And yet is contains softness, relaxation, sometimes swag.

Thanks to permanent integration of musical styles, the hip-hop technique is continually evolving, it absorbs elements of other dancing cultures.

Hip-hop is one of the most approachable, exciting and popular styles of modern dance. This dance has become a cult and turned into a layer of modern culture, which includes different components, such as music, graffiti, a certain style of clothing. Since its birth in the '70s and after appearing of international dance organization (IDO) in 1981, this style has evolved from a simple street dance to a competitive dance discipline.

Hip-hop is a dance for different people who share a passion for music, movement, self-improvement and youth culture.